Back in 2015, Canadian Artist thinkITEM created a series of hand drawn pieces under the working title of 'HERE'. The narrative centered around a fictional and nameless character who lead a wanderlust lifestyle in his Aircooled. As the series progressed and evolved, the words 'Taco Skateboard Company' were added to the characters shirts as well as the Vdubs in the piece. It was a decorative element that became a staple as the series continued.

As time went on the fictional skateboard company started to spill into the real World. Stickers were made for fellow Vdub drivers, then spray painted tees shirts to having the 'Company' name hand painted on a '72 Super Beetle. All the while as we joked to how this was a 'fake' business with a 'fake' company car. Then one day the decision was made to actually register the name and make a go of it. We would use this to document our small group of Aircooled Owners and our scene up here in Edmonton. As well as come up with the odd shirt design, recycled skate decks, stickers and art. We're treating it like a physical extension of the 'HERE' series and consider you reading this as part of this performance piece. So thanks for hitting us up, following and scooping some of our gear. Hope you dig!